Taking A ‘Real’ Break

For the past week I have enjoyed time off from working to be with friends and family in my hometown.  I haven’t been back to the place I was born and raised in more than 15 years, and haven’t seen many of the people in as many years or more. Don’t do that people….go visit your family and friends as much as possible.

My life was getting away from me; doing more of what I had to do rather than want to do.  Like many I assume, I work way too much at different jobs and projects…and before you know it life and time slips by. I was thinking, now that I am in my 50’s, I really need to regroup, reorganize, and re-prioritize life. Some things I have to do…like work to pay the bills, but I also need to make sure I ‘stop’, just stop and enjoy the times, places and moments of my life. So, this is what this week was about.

The crowds and madness of airports and flying is not my thing…😳😣 so I took a 15 hour road trip from Georgia to New York. I love being on the road…if/when retirement ever comes my way my dream is to rent a mini-RV a couple months a year and drive the country… exploring all things, writing about it and drawing portraits.  😊🙏🏽 … I might be part nomad and  ‘wanderer.

As I drove through Kentucky, the fields of bluegrass seriously touched my soul. Blue skies and puffy white clouds on the road was the perfect remedy to weeks-on-end of non-stop work and things that had to be done. The closer I got to Lake Ontario the more relaxed I begin to feel as this was my home territory.  I’m not fond of snow any longer but I remember  summers that included humidity, sun, misty rain, chilly nights in July, … ever-changing weather. The saying goes, if you hate the weather in Rochester, wait 10 minutes and it’ll change.

I saw so many parts of my home town…. some beautiful, some not so much…but they are all a part of my memories growing up in the area. Conesus Lake was perfect on the day I visited.


How did I ever miss going to the Harriet Tubman House when I lived here? It was so inspiring to hear her life story again…an amazing woman for sure.


Also visited parts of the city where I used to roam around regularly.  Sadly, many parts have deteriorated in the past 15 years as I’m sure has happened in several cities across the country with the decline of the manufacturing industry.









I also enjoyed attending a surprise birthday party for a sister-friend!  A wonderful time… and let me just put this tray before your eyes😌😋. I was in cookie heaven.  Can you believe these were homemade??


So now my week of R&R is coming to an end.  I can’t believe I want to stay a while longer. Currently, I am sitting on the back deck of my dear friends’ home, under an umbrella, feet up, viewing the countryside, feeling the breeze and prepping my mind for the journey home. Every other day has involved me criss-crossing the city to visit with everyone I could fit into a day. Today is me chilling.

Quiet. Peaceful. Relaxing. It’s just beautiful y’all.


Hope you will find a place to rest and relax this summer. Be safe!

Peace, Love, and God’s Blessings on YOU!

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