Mango Mania

I like mangoes, but I don’t recall EVER buying a fresh one … until this past weekend.

I was strolling through Sprouts Farmers Market, one of my favorite places, and there they were, a big table of beautiful mangoes.  My first instinct was to take Dionne Warwick’s advice and …walk on by… because any time I’ve seen mangoes they were at least a dollar each.  That’s not a lot but I’m a budgeter and I sorta get a thrill from seeing how far I can stretch a dollar.  However, the bright, juicy fruit called out my name so I rounded the corner of the table and what did I see???  A sign that read… 3 for $1. 👀. For real??

Well, say no more, I bought $5 worth of mangoes …. for those who are slow at math like me, that’s 15 mangoes!!!  WIN! STRIKE! SCORE!


CONFESSION… I had to get online to see how to peel and eat it.  Haha. Easy though.

I tried one, and boy was it delicious!

so, what do I plan to do with 14 mangos.  I am going to peel and cube them all, place them in a freezer bag and then do the same to some fresh blueberries once they arrive.  Then on some sweltering summer Georgia day, I’m going to break out all the deliciousness and make the best mango-blueberry smoothie ever.  Of course, I will let y’all know how this turns out in some future blog.

I also saw an easy Mango Salsa recipe that sounds perfect for summer parties.

Anyway, I started to wonder about the benefits of eating mangoes…if there were any. A quick research session yielded tons information. In summary:


You can bet I will be checking weekly ads this summer for mango sales!

Do you like mangoes?

Stay safe out there!


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4 thoughts on “Mango Mania”

  1. Wow! Didn’t realize the benefits of mangoes especially the diabetes part! Gonna do some more research. ..thanks!


  2. Jan, have never knowingly had a mango but they sure are pretty! So with all this good info, I’ll get some & let you know. Thanks! (And I love the photo in pool balls style!)


  3. Jan,Yes I love mangos! When I lived in Haiti for 13 years , we ate a lot of them. And there are so many many different kinds. And when mango season was good the tree branches just bowed to the ground as they were so heavy. And if you had one near your house and had a tin roof, the sound of them falling would scare the day lights out of ya . Only thing I did not like was some kinds were very stringy and after eating one you spent the remainder of your day picking the strings out of your teeth. Lol. You could give some pretty smiles like that too. 🙂 One caution, don’t eat too close to the outer skin,can give you an allergic reaction causing very swollen lips that burns .
    I like them best really cold. Enjoy!!!
    Love your blog.
    Have a great day.


    1. Thank you for your comment!! I would looove to have a mango tree 😊. Thanks for the tip about the skin too. I might have done that. A few minutes after eating I felt what seemed like a blister on my lip. Didn’t last long but certainly felt it.


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