Good Eats This Week

I have no real purpose for writing this particular blog post other than to show you how pretty and colorful these foods are. 😊


I am getting back into my fall foods program. During the summer I eat a lot of veggies that aren’t cooked; peppers, salads, carrots, summer squash, watermelon.  However, when the temps start to drop I like cooked veggies, warm soups, and lots of apples.

This week, as you see in the photo I am having: Green Cabbage, Rapini, Asparagus, and Broccoli.  Lots of ‘cruciferous ‘ veggies, which are very good for you.  I just listened to a broadcast this week that stated how broccoli helps fight against cancer.  These four vegetables are at the top of my favorites list.

I also marinated my last two pieces of King Salmon that I ordered from Alaska last Christmas. Boy! Is it delicious. It is going to be a tasty week.

I white vinegar washed and cut up everything after church this morning.

I sautéed all the veggies in a bit of coconut oil, added Himalayan salt, ground pepper, onion, and garlic powder.

What are you having this week??

❤️ & ☮️




Fall Refresh

It’s Fall!🍁  Time to hit the REFRESH button.

What do I mean??  Well, if you’ve followed this little blog, you know I have purposely tried to eat healthy more often than not. For some reason that is easier to do during Fall, Winter, and Spring seasons, than summer.  The long daylight hours, more physical activity, and hot weather just makes me hungrier.  I eat more; which means I gain pounds usually.  Frankly, healthy eating can get oooold!😒 (Because fattening food is more fun 😂).

This summer I really tried to just maintain. I did eat a few more calories per day, around 1500-1800 per day on average, but I also ‘moved’ more so I guess it all balances out because I lost 3 pounds overall this summer.

I’m that hard stage right now where weight loss is not the real issue, but just staying on a good path, eating food clean food, and moving my body.

Fall is a good time to REFRESH and REFOCUS!

Today I am encouraging and motivating myself so tomorrow, Monday’ I am ready!  I will likely on Monday and Tuesday morning until 1pm drink lemon water, ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar), cayenne pepper, honey just to give my body a rest. (check here for more info on the drink – use your good sense people, I’m no doctor).  Then I eat lots of veggies.  This seems to give my mind and body time to get in sync and detox a bit.

You know I love my veggies and the cooler weather has me thinking about roasted Brussels sprouts, rutabagas, kale, greens, and crockpot soups. Yum!

I just found this information I had saved in my files… good motivation. Food really is medicine!

God's Pharmacy

Over the past 14 months I’ve learned to listen to what my body is saying in terms of cravings. I now know if I am craving certain foods it’s usually due to my food intake being a little unbalanced. This table helped a lot.

Check this out too!  It might help if you need a Fall Refresh as well!

File Apr 23, 9 37 32 PM

Keep up the good work!  Let me know how you are doing!


Just Grateful…Plain and Simple

Unlike most people, I welcome change because change means I am still moving – hopefully forward. The only time I like to be still is during rest and prayer – both which are times of recharge and restoration.

This past week I celebrated birthday number 53! 😳😊.  Boy, did it arrive quickly.  I welcomed it with anticipation; not for any particular reason, just because I felt incredibly grateful for all things in my life, the good, bad and ugly, because those things are why today I am feeling so grateful. God has truly orchestrated all things for my good.

53 is a big change from, say, 23 or 33, but I have no desire to be anything other than 53 this year, to be all that 53 entails: wrinkles, whiskers, flab, silver hair, experience, wisdom, maturity…all of it. Thank God, my Creator, I also have good health still! So grateful for so many things.

How did I celebrate? Well, I my dear friend wanted to do something fun for the day so I took off work (my rule is to always take off work on your birthday) and we played all day…no real plan, just flowing with the day. For me, just being with friends and family I love is gift enough.  My love language is definitely ‘quality time spent’. I’d much rather be with YOU than any of the STUFF you can give me. 😘

We started out early with a trip to Alpha Soda Restaurant.  I love their stone ground grits, and since hasn’t been on my food list in the past year, I was excited to go.   When the server found out it was my birthday she surprised me with this! So sweet of her!  That was my order in the corner of the photo: bowl of grits, eggs with cheese and an English muffin.IMG_6613

From their we headed to Avalon.  I’m not even sure what you call Avalon – I guess a fancy mall with stores, restaurants, condos, etc.  IMG_6614We lakes all over the place their, got lost in the parking deck a while, walked around some more, laughed a lot, and rested  in some beautiful chairs in Crate and Barrel, haha! It’s a beautiful atmosphere there.

After some an afternoon lunch of soup and sandwich at Panera Bread – had to get my bowl of Autumn Butternut Squash Soup, we chilled a bit, just having good conversation.

Believe it or not by evening, we headed to another restaurant. 😂😂. Oh my goodness, one of my fave places, The Village Tavern.  I had a new dish, Braised Meatball Skillet …. Yes, more grits.  I only tried it because it was such a unique combo – and it was extremely delicious.  Wow! Again the server learned it was my birthday and …. Bam! Another desert. 😂😂  …what diet??!


No joke, by the time I finished the day, I thought I would explode!  So this little beauty I was gifted was taken home.  So fitting though, because I was just plain and simple … thankful. 😌


P.S.  I was chicken to weigh-in the next day, but I did, and to my surprise was down 3.4 pounds.  I guess I gave my body something to do in digesting all that food. 😏 However, I pretty much fasted the entire next day to give my body a rest.

The Next Big Step

I did something that I hadn’t intended to do only a few weeks ago.  As you know (or if you didn’t now you do), over the past year I’ve lost 58-ish pounds so consequently I had a boat load of clothes that were too big; nice clothes too.  Notice I said ‘had’.

Over the months I removed clothes from my closet as they got too big, or I should say, as I shrunk because the clothes didn’t change.😏  I put them in big 33-gallon size lawn bags and stored them in the attic … just in case. In case of what though? … famine, war, natural disasters, financial crisis?? No, in case I crept back up as I’d done before. You who have lost and gained a few times in life know what I mean, right?

Last week, I had sort of a revelation.  Although I DO NOT plan to gain weight ever again, I hung on to my big clothes simply because of fear. The only thing that is different now than all the other times is this time I had a mental change that involved losing weight so I can stay healthy and fit, not to look cute. In other words, my motivation was different. So, keeping the clothes was basically a crutch.  Would a person who broke a leg keep crutches around after the leg was better in case he/she broke their leg again?? Likely not.

I’m no fashionista by any stretch of the imagination.  I like clothes that are somewhat conservative, with a bit of color and flair, and somewhat traditional so I don’t have to buy new clothes each season just to keep up with the styles. I had some nice things in those Lawn and Leaf bags. 😞

Yesterday, I decided to part with them all.

I thought long and hard about what to do with them. I even had some ‘tender moments’ as I inventoried the clothes as I prepared to deliver them.  [COMING CLEAN RIGHT HERE: I had to phone a friend for counseling as I held up some favorite shirts and dresses that no longer fit 😒😊…I recovered quickly though. My friend reminded me that God is my Provider and He has moved me to a new healthy place. So true.]

I was encouraged to keep packing up the stuff and soon my car was loaded with bags of clothes (and a few other things) and off I went. Must. Load


After much thought, I decided to give everything to Must Ministries. I learned of this organization through a church I visited, where I met the President of the organization, who was also the Pastor of th church. I was very impressed with all the organization does in the area. They have a donation center where I delivered all my things. I prayed that whoever received the clothes, whether for free or small donation to the ministry, would be humbly blessed.

Driving away, I felt like I’d lost another 10 pounds! It really was a load off of me to get rid of them.  I’m not a pack rat at all (I will blog about my wanna-be minimalist lifestyle at a future time), so getting rid of these things made me happy in multiple ways.  I also had to renew my commitment to keeping this fat off because there were no BIG clothes in the attic… a new daily challenge. Who knows, maybe my current clothes will become my new BIG clothes one day. 😉

Don’t be afraid to take the next step! 🌺

Peace and Love.

Looks Yucky … But Tastes Great 👍🏽

The hardest part of eating healthy for me is keeping the food variety going strong. Once I find a healthy calorie-smart delicious food I tend to stick with it, but after a while even the most fave food can become b.o.r.i.n.g. So, I am always in search of new and different (but not too crazy) foods.

Here are some foods I rarely ate before that are now a part of my regular food list:

  • cottage cheese
  • Spaghetti squash
  • mustard
  • eggs (straight from the farm)
  • riced cauliflower

A couple weeks ago I discovered a new food. Flatout light flat bread! Oh my! It’s perfect!  I eat a lot of red/yellow/orange/green peppers, cubes, sweet onions, and lettuce…basically salad…but after eating so many of them, even I was getting a little bored with them.

FlatoutThese wraps come in plain, wheat, and spinach as far as I know. I bought spinach, and I wrapped up some veggies, tuna salad (made with tuna, a boiled egg and cottage cheese, yes cottage cheese). It looked sorta nasty but great day it was so good.IMG_5886

I’ve since had wraps with egg salad, veggies alone, and turkey breast slices.

Needless to say, I have an extra package of wraps in my freezer. Going to try making a flat bread pizza next.

Let me know if you ever try this product.

Happy wrapping!