Playing with Broccoli Cuts


I’m sitting here wondering if there is a real reason for broccoli cuts.?🤔

agriculture broccoli close up close up
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I mean, Broccoli florets make sense; they are pretty, flavorful, and healthy,  but ‘cuts’ are basically the stems – cut up, right?

AD586F1A-E222-4C9D-9D0A-53DB9F04E125The picture looked all luscious and delicious but the bag of frozen cuts I bought did have one or two small florets…whatever, I really did expect what I got, not what was on the bag.

I added a bit more chicken broth and let the cuts get softer than how I usually eat my veggies but I had a plan. Then I got out my Ninja blender. I added the thoroughly cooked cuts, added a bit of half and half (all I had), added more broth, salt, pepper, ginger, turmeric and hit the ON button.

It whirred around until, it was light green, smooth, a bit creamy and ohhhhh so tasty.

VOILA! Turned those worthless cuts into a delicious gourmet soup.

I had some for dinner tonight. It’s a cold, dark, long winter night and this concoction hit the spot. I think I might try this with fresh broccoli stalks next summer.

Might not look so tasty but this was quite delicious!

So, not only can you turn lemons to lemonade but you can also turn blah broccoli cuts into deliciousness.

Go make you some soup! 😎👍🏽

Finally Cold Weather

I live where it is HOT…. very HOT most of the year it seems. 😒. I like colder weather personally so I wait patiently each year for long, hot, throat-crunching humid days to END.  Finally! Today was cold, misty, and grey skies all day long… wonderful! 🤗

after being out in it all day I craved a warm cozy meal.  Putting aside all concerns about calories for a bit. I found a can of Tomato and Carrot soup that a friend gave me. Interesting. Then I mad something I rarely to never make… a Grilled Cheese sandwich.  It goes with Tomato soup, right?

I’ve never been food at making them but somewhere along the way I heard about spreading  mayo on the outside of the bread…. making it nice and grilled. Was worth a try since mine always ended up burnt on the outside with unmelted cheese on the inside. 😒

It worked… better than usual anyway. 😊. Had my cozw cold night meal … delicious!0D97F8F4-347A-4F30-BE06-09A824237BCF

Next time I will discuss this 10 lbs I’ve gained….uuugh!

Peace and Love friends!🤗😘


Total Solar Eclipse: August 21, 2017

Eclipse 2017


I went to Fernbank Science Center this week and learned some interesting facts about the coming eclipse. Yes, I could have learned the same information by Googling it but that wouldn’t have been nearly as much fun and interactive as sitting in a planetarium with friends and youngsters having a live Georgia Tech astronomy student narrate the whole thing.

Here are some of the things I learned, in addition to…


• On August 21 a total solar eclipse event will happen in North America stretching from the west coast in Salem, Oregon ending in South Carolina.

• The last time an eclipse crossed from west to east was 99 years ago! …and get this… the last time a total eclipse was seen only in the United States was in 1776!!!

• The last one in the USA was 38 years ago.

• Ten (10) states will be in the path of totality … meaning folks in the 65 mile wide path of totality will get to see the eclipse in its fullness.

• The whole event only lasts a couple of minutes or so … or less. Millions of people are within an hours drive from having a great view of it.

… for other interesting facts, Google is your friend. 👍🏽 (lots of info is on the Internet)

One last thing…. Seriously, did I say this already?


… in other words…

If you look at this eclipse without proper eye protection (glasses made specifically for viewing an eclipse), then this eclipse could be the very last thing you will ever see clearly in your natural life… a.k.a blindness.

P.S. I will probably watch it on television. 😏

I Tried These 2 New Foods

I’m not the most adventuresome when it comes to trying new foods.  Chances are, if it is slimy, looks like it will attack me as I eat it, or comes out of the ocean (except salmon and sometimes shrimp), I won’t mess with it.

Recently, I tried two new foods though… quinoa and riced veggies (cauliflower). Hmmm… interesting things I discovered about both.

First, the quinoa.  Was walking through Publix and saw this on sale and bought it. Read lots of good things about quinoa, good source of protein, and that it’s a SEED, not a GRAIN, therefore no gluten issues.   Who knew? (I didn’t apparently).


File May 29, 11 58 20 AM

It looked fairly interesting in the bag, and I thought it would be a good way to ‘feel’ like I was eating pasta, but wasn’t so, I cooked it (just like rice) and surprisingly it was very delicious. The tri-color made it interesting  too.  I believe it comes in black, white and red, or so,etching like that.

File May 29, 11 59 16 AM

So, I don’t know if it was because I was in such a hurry to try this on the first day or what but the second day I opened the container and saw this😳:

File May 29, 11 51 12 AM

…are these WORMS??? … I won’t lie, I did have a ‘moment’  🤢

I started Googling like a mad women and discovered that the little wormy-looking things were actually sprouts… it’s a seed, so the cooking process causes the quinoa to germinate! OOOOHHHHHH! I get it now!   Found that to be quite interesting … so I continued to eat it and wasn’t grossed out at all…because it’s like sprouts … I can do that.

The next new thing I tried was Riced Veggies (cauliflower). I’d seen this online too but no way was I going to do all I saw in the video because cauliflower is not one of my favorite vegetables so I figured it didn’t deserve the labor involved in ricing it.  However, while at Kroger I saw this and thought! “Here’s my chance!”

File May 29, 11 52 34 AMIf I liked it, it could be a good substitute for real rice, which I loooove (and rarely eat). So, it went home with me.  It was interesting for sure; looked like rice kind of too.  I cooked it easily enough and added my usual spices ( garlic, salt, pepper, cumin, etc.)  and it was surprisingly very good.

File May 29, 11 51 32 AMNow, I won’t say it ‘tasted’ like rice, however, there is something about the texture and look of it that satisfies (or maybe tricks) your brain to ‘think’ rice …. but only for 20 calories per cup.  I think I can do that too.  😎   There was a recipe on the back for Stir Fry Riced Vegetable.  Yum…I bet if you add some chicken to it, 😋.  I’ll let you know if I try it.

So, there you have it! I recommend both of these.  They’re definitely being added to my list of ‘regular’ foods I like.

Weigh In – Way Out!

For a two-year period in recent years, I decided I would stop weighing myself and let my ‘good sense’ and visual analysis (a.k.a mirror check) dictate if I was climbing up the scales or not. Bad idea.  Some 40 pounds later I was physically getting in my own way as I tried to turn over in bed. How does that happen?

A body scale has been my worst enemy at times in my life.  They say that the ‘numbers’ don’t matter but in my world, the numbers were everything.  From childhood, I was always considered obese to morbidly obese according to those little height-weight medical charts. To this day I still don’t agree with that chart. One of my favorite reads was “10 Reasons Why the BMI is Bogus!”. Who knows how true it is, but it made so much sense to me.

File Apr 24, 9 42 15 PM


Anyway,  I’ve had an awful history with the scales.  In the past, it has literally dictated whether I had a ‘good’ day or a ‘bad’ day, all based on whether I was up a few or down a few pounds…. overnight.  Craziness!.  I remember waking up  on some days feeling all happy and ready for my day, I’d jump on the scales and if the number wasn’t right, it was like a switch flipped in my brain and I was instantly self-hating and miserable the rest of the day. Don’t judge, I know I’m not the only one who has done this.

It took years to understand the ‘psychology’ behind the emotions that were tied to the scales.  I had no understanding of being healthy in those days, I just wanted to be ‘thin’.  It seemed good things happened if you were thin… and could wear cute clothes.  What was I thinking…skinny isn’t even in my DNA so it was like I was fighting an invisible beast… and losing.

As I approached 50 years old, I decided that being healthy was the most important thing to me. Like I said in previous posts, I didn’t want to get any of the medical maladies that most times come from bad eating habits and lifestyle (and if I did get any it wouldn’t be because of my own bad choices).  I think I had decided by 50 that being overweight, fat, fluffy, whatever you want to call it, was just how it was going to be for me…. but…. I could choose to eat healthy, move more and at least make the effort.  So,  on July 6, 2016, I did just that, and soon I started to drop pounds.

I still weigh daily, and doing so has taught me a LOT!  At first, I saw the numbers going down pretty steadily every day.  It was invigorating to me!  I have a digital scales that weighs to the 10th pound so even 2/10 of a pound felt major. Using MyFitnessPal app, I could see the little graph moving down daily. Happy, happy, happy. Weighing daily made a nice little chart.

But then after a month or so, I noticed the some ‘up’ days happening.  Initially had an old reaction like… “WHATTT?!?  … this can’t be!“…. I had to tell myself, “Girl, just ‘keep doing what you are doing? Your goal is to be healthy, not skinny.”  That was hard for me. I had to train myself  (talk to myself) to not have a ‘reaction’ to a silly number, but I faced those up days with the attitude to just keep eating smart!

File Apr 24, 9 49 04 PM

Sure enough, the numbers would drop a bit again, then maybe a day when it was up a bit, then down some more…. I was interested in the graph, it showed me that weight loss is not a smooth slide downward, it had ups and downs, some spikes, and some drops…but over the long haul there was weight loss. Just having a visual of the graph helped me to understand how the body loses weight, and that there are multiple factors that affect whether you are up or down…. hormones, exercise, sodium intake, humid weather… all kinds of things, not just food intake. I read that a body can gain as much as 10 lbs overnight given the certain reasons. Wow!  I am slowly releasing the scales-madness.  The scales is just a tool I use.

I’m at a good place now after all these years.  I still wish I weighed a less but I don’t stress about it anymore. If I maintain my good eating habits I figure my body will stop losing when it gets to where it’s supposed to be.  It’s not driving me and my emotions like it used to. I actually stress more about whether I’ve eaten enough good green veggies in a day.

I wonder sometimes if I am starting to think like a ‘normal weight healthy’ person who just eats good food so they are not hungry, to enjoy the taste, and stops eating when full.

Hmmm, that would be nice. #goals


* I was going to talk about some food choices here but decided to put it in the next post. A part of being healthy is getting enough sleep, so…. ‘good night!’

Three Days, and Three Very Long Nights

In my last blog post I explained how I decided to change my habits, eat less, and become healthier. I was so ‘charged’ and excited to jump with both feet into this new way of life.



I had decided to use the My Fitness Pal app to track calories and weight. I used it as my accountability partner. It is an easy-to-use app and has several features to help someone like me monitor  the numbers. I had no desire to use all those features though; and I didn’t really want to join the community groups etc. I just wanted to start changing my life. I set the app at 1,200 per day.  That is sort of low but I only set it that low to start; I’d planned to up it to 1,500 if I made it through three days of detox.

For some reason I felt I had to go through a kind of detox in order to start. There are several detox plans online but I just decide a LOT of water, some with a bit of ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) or lemon slices, and a few green vegetables and boiled eggs for the first three days.  I wanted to detox my mind and body.

Let me tell you, I thought I was experiencing the dying process by the end of the first day. I was so ‘hone-gree‘ (that’s a few stages past hungry and hangry) that inanimate objects in my house started to look tasty and delicious. I couldn’t believe how my body was screaming out in agony for foods I never even ate anyway: cheeseburgers, fries, nachos, fried apple pies.  I was having visions of food dancing through my head, and I was wide-awake.  I made it though, barely I felt.

I was thankful for bedtime because I thought being asleep would take my mind off my stomach.  WRONG! (* said in my best Trump voice).  I don’t think I slept at all!  I was so hungry I couldn’t fall asleep for a long while.  I must have dozed off eventually because around 2am I woke up with hunger pangs like I was being held as a hostage or something. I tried getting up and drinking water but I soon learned that filling the ravenous cavern in my body with fluid only  meant running to the restroom all night. ‘No bueno’.  Morning was welcomed with open arms and a tired body.

No lie, it was hard too.  OK, easier than Day One, but still hard. I was hone-gree. I was working at my company’s office location that day, sitting in my cube and thinking about lunch, which was more veggies, water, boiled egg, water, water, water; but when lunch time came that egg tasted like the best piece of grilled salmon, or steak, or hot dog, or whatever, it was just good! … and I actually made it to dinner time (more veggies, water, veggies and water) without too much agony. I even fell asleep right away that night, but sure enough around 2am I sprung awake as hungry as could be. So much so that I couldn’t fall back asleep.  I hated that, but I endured. I had my first realization: ‘I might be a food addict’.   Couldn’t have my fix and it was affecting my life…. just like an addict.

cukes and peppers


This day posed a new challenge. I was at a friend’s house and she was making breakfast and I had decided I was going to try to eat breakfast a bit later than what was my usual time.  I was still in the fasting/detox mode but she didn’t know it, and was trying to relearn how and when my body wanted to take in meals. I didn’t want to eat because it was morning, noon or evening.  I was trying to learn to ‘listen’ to my body and understand what authentic ‘hunger’ felt like, not just eating for the sake of eating.  I seriously couldn’t tell the difference between hunger and thirst sometimes.  I just ate for every twang that hit my gut.

So this particular morning, I was offered breakfast and declined.  That didn’t go over so well, and my little friend got on me about how not eating isn’t good for me but I didn’t take the time to explain the process I had just started because all of my mental energy was spent at the point. I just needed to focus on getting through the third day. I didn’t tell anyone about this process I’d begun because I felt it would be too much for me to explain, and I didn’t need or want any monitors initially.  In my mind, if I could get though three days of a sort of detox cleanse then I would be good to go!  It sort of helped to slow, then brake, and break the fast-moving train that was moving in the wrong direction.

I made it through Day Three!  … and lived to tell about it.  I was so happy! I knew I could do this now.  I still woke up that night though…. very hungry. Matter of fact, for the next two weeks, I woke up every night around 2am from hunger. Crazy huh?  Then gradually over the following days after that, it subsided, then stopped.  I never wake up in the night hungry now.

Weight? … Wait!
I once read somewhere about people who had lost significant amounts of weight and their challenge in keeping it off.  One of these people was a physician who has lost lots of weight too.  The one thing they all had in common was that they weighed themselves daily, even after years of keeping the weight off.  I thought once you had the weight off, the challenge would be more the food not the scales.

body scales (2)

I decided to weigh myself daily too.  Now, I see how it is beneficial.  When I was on my way up the scales, I played a lot of ‘weight mind-games’.  I made a lot of assumptions about how much I weigh, based on clothes that had stretched out, etc. Mind games … that’s why I said in the first blog that it’s really a change in your mind/thinking.

If you weigh daily, there is no lying to yourself. The numbers are right there.  For me, it really wasn’t about what the numbers said, it was more about my learning how the numbers on the scales and my emotions/attitude about myself and even life were intimately intertwined… a definite revelation right there.

In my next blog I will talk about the dance with the scales, the mind games I played with myself and I’ll start to share  some of the foods I started to incorporate into my days.

Thanks for reading!  Hope you come back!