Life is Precious

It’s a joyous time of the year for the most part …but for some it will be a difficult time. Many people have lost loved ones this year.

I know of a wonderful family who recently lost their father/son/husband, late 50s, diagnosed with a rare cancer just a few weeks ago. I was reminded again how life is so fragile and is but a vapor. Psalm 144:4 tells us this… “Man is like a breath; his days are like a passing shadow.”

I am often at a loss for words during difficult times; in spite of deep feelings I have. I am thankful for an outlet in art to express myself and share my heart.

I saw this sweet, special moment in a photo of the gentleman who passed with his only grandson and wanted to do something with it for his wife. As I studied it, I felt I wanted to convey the time, place, mood, feeling, and memory of this photo rather than the exact replication of the faces. So, I attempted to do a pen and watercolor wash to capture all the things the photo revealed to me. When I presented it to his wife, she immediately recalled the week the family was together at the time this photo was taken. It’s just a quick sketch, not my typical style, but I think it fulfilled what I’d hoped to accomplish.

Say a prayer for those who are hurting this season… and go hug your people! ❤️


Diagnosis: Unexpected 😲😕


During the first week of this year I came down with the worst sinus infection I’ve ever had, with the worst headache ever as well. For four days I suffered with that and for the next two weeks I was just tired; no other symptoms really. I guess I had some variety of the flu but not the full-blown version. Which was good.

However, a day or two after I started to feel better I also started to feel a sensation like a lump in my throat, and some serious post nasal drip.  There was no pain at all just an annoying discomfort. Then it went away after a few days, but then it came back. 😳😞  along with throat clearing, and more post nasal drip. Uggggh.

Finally, I decided to make an appointment with an ENT physician because surely my sinuses were acting up again.

The visit was typical, except I didn’t get weighed so I couldn’t show off my new weight loss….. haha!  The doctor checked my ears, nose and looked into my mouth.  All looked clear. Then he said “I need to do a nose scope that has a little light at the end so I  can see your lower throat.” 😳   I must have looked alarmed because then he said, “Don’t worry, I perform this procedure on children all the time and they are fine.”  Was that supposed to make me feel better?🧐  I immediately tried to remember what it felt like to bust out laughing while drinking milk and it come flying out of your nose. Was that what it would feel like?? 

I was sitting there and an Med Tech brought on this long snake-like gadget. Again, my face told the story.   She said, “It’s not as bad as it looks.”  She left the room, and I was like, “Yeah, right.”

Anyway, the Doc came back and gloves up, then wiggled this tube up my nose and down my throat. Hmmm… not bad at all. Within seconds he was done…(and probably billed my insurance $500 for those few seconds).



Well, apparently it’s acid reflux without the acid; so no burning.  I Googled it of course and all the symptoms I had were that of Silent Reflux.

I went home with a prescription for Prilosec to take for two weeks. I hope this is my fix.



However, I read there are things I should do:

-Eat smaller portions

-Don’t eat a lot right before bed

-Sleep with head elevated  bit


-Eat healthy

…and some other things… basically what I thought I was doing for the past couple of years.

Here are some links if you want to know more about Silent Reflux.

What is silent reflux and what can I do about it?

Laryngopharyngeal Reflux (Silent Reflux)

Well, that’s it!  Just a bit of information for you in case you want to know, and even if you don’t. 😎

Peace and Love!


P.S.  I am not a physician, or any other person in the medical profession.  I have merely shared my experience.  If you are sick go to the doctor, don’t use this post over anything I say as your source of diagnosis. 😕

A Package From Lolli

Yesterday I received a package in the mail. That’s not unusual though.  I sat it on the bench next to the front door … and left it there.  That is unusual.

Eight days ago I called Linda (known to her family and close friends as Lolli, or Lol) because she was my go-to for essential oils and things related. We discussed Thieves(R) and whether ingesting them or not was what I should do as I was feeling a cold or something starting. A6E3EE12-8801-486D-A932-A976FE8E952CShe suggested I try the Thieves Lozenges.  I told her I wanted to try them.  Our last messages to each other that day said she was sending the Lozenges by USPS, that Thieves Lozenges was the best and I should receive them in 3 to 5 days.

The next morning I received a call from Lol’s sister, Sandra, saying,… “Lolli died.”   I can still replay the scene of me trying to process the words I just heard through all my tears.  So unexpected.

Today is a week later. I am still reeling.  It has taken me this long to even write about it. Sandra, Lolli, Angela (Sandra’s daughter/my li’l sis) and me; we formed sort of a family unit about 25 years ago when I lived with Sandra and Angela for four years. And like family we had some rough spots but we also had some the most fun, memorable times and greatest laughs ever!  I can hear Lol’s laugh right now as I am writing this. Everyone loved Lol.

So, when my package arrived yesterday, my cough-and-cold ridden body wanted to tear into it and pop some Lozenges, but I didn’t.  Somehow, now I want to keep these Lozenges forever. I am sure I will have to place another order with someone in order to try them.

I’ve spent the last week thinking a lot about life, and how quickly it can be gone. I do know Lol loved Jesus which brings great comfort, but I can’t help feel sadness for all of us who will know longer hear her infectious laugh. I am so grateful for that last conversation we had. I am so grateful for the time spent last summer hanging out with Sandra, Lol and Angela. Precious, precious moments.

I’ve had many friends and family lose loved ones just since Christmas. Hard days for many people. Everyday someone loses someone.  I am going to do better this year. I am going to make a better effort to stay in touch with those near and dear to my heart… because you never know when that last conversation, will indeed, be the last. Go hug your loved ones.

Love and hugs to you guys! ❤️🤗