Winter Prep: Maple Mama Update

We are finally getting some Fall-like temps here in my part of the country! Yay! No more mowing lawns, planting flowers, or watching my Japanese Maples grow.  They have done so well. I’m quite surprised actually by how much they grew!! Some were tall and lean others were short and wide.


Such a difference from this past April….



I needed to find out what to do with them over the winter months.  It typically doesn’t get too cold here but a couple of days or so it might dip into the 30s. I learned that the main goal of getting them through the winter is to make sure the roots do not freeze.  Some sites said to just put them into the ground. Given the rocky yard I have, plus the fact that I have 25+ of them, that is not an option.

However, I ran across a site where a guy just left them above ground in pots and packed mulch around them.  So I did that.

I tucked them in a corner of the house and put mulch around them.  Hopefully, they will be protected from some of the winds, they will get the morning and afternoon sun, and the mulch will keep the roots from freezing.  I think I need to add a bit more mulch this weekend.

20191016_171034538_iOS 1

I’m going to be so ecstatic if they survive the winter and come back.  I anticipate the leaves will fall  but I’m going to be eagerly awaiting to see if next April I see brand new little leaves.

Anyway… say a little Japanese Maple Tree prayer if you think of it. 🙂




Japanese Maple Mama

I can’t believe it. I started growing a bunch of Japanese Maple seedlings that I pulled from my yard a few months ago. [See April 7, 2019 post].  I had high hopes for them but hadn’t a clue what I was doing.

Well, they started in 16-ounce cups, I lost about 3 of them but more than 25 survived to the next level, which was them being moved to 1-gallon nursery pots. There is now way I would have ever imagined loving this process so much.  These little trees have become so much fun to take care of.  Watching them grow and change daily is amazing. I cannot keep 25 trees so I plan to adopt them out when they are ready. If this is a success, who knows…. I might be in the Japanese Maple tree selling business. :).

There were some that I thought would surely die.  They were soooo tiny. I placed them in groups of 3 within the 1-gallon pot. However, a couple weeks later, they were thriving and growing, so I moved them to their own pot. It’s amazing to me. I wouldn’t consider myself as having a ‘green thumb’.  Matter of fact, I had a little talk with all the things growing in my yard when I moved into this house informing them that they will need to become as self-sufficient as possible because I could be of little help to them. They must have heard me because they are doing A-OK for the moment.

I have given these little trees a LOT of attention though, not that they needed it, but I was just interested and curious.

OK, don’t laugh but I decided to name them all so I could tell them apart.  Seriously, they start to look alike after a while.. lol.


Don’t laugh but here ya go.


I named them!!!!  lol.

I mostly gave them names that mean ‘strong, victorious, leader, shelter, glorious, beautiful, etc.  They need to live up to their name.  Some of the names were suggestions from friends…. Marla (lol), Ruby, Leif, Maple. 🙂

Aren’t they beautiful??  I think I’ll start an Instagram Page for them. I’ll let you know so you can follow their journey towards adoption.

Peace and love to you!