‘All You Can Eat’, That’s Me (For Real Y’all)

Literally, in the lives of mosquitoes everywhere, I am simply known as ‘Golden Corral’ Buffet.  😒

I have no idea why mosquitoes and gnats and every other winged insect is attracted to me. Haven’t been able to attract a brutha in all my natural life but 10 minutes outside and I’m slappin’ myself all over the place because of mosquito love.


I’m going to be ready for these little beasts this year. Growing up, I played outside a lot during summer. By Fall, my arms and legs were scarred and stabbed pretty bad from infected bites. I still get some alarming reactions to bites on occasion.

All this Deet stuff is not for me. Yes, I know it works but I just can’t cover my skin in whatever chemical is in those bottles and cans; it burns, stings, etc.  I’m not saying you shouldn’t – you need to do what works for you. For me, Homemade Bug Balm worked.

I made this recipe late last summer and never really had a chance to use it so it rode in my car all winter until this week. The first night I was outside before dusk working away, by the time I came inside I was itchin’ like ‘cray’. I remembered the balm in my car so on the next night (more yard work to be done) I opened the jar, sniffed it (still smelled the essential oils), dug out a small amount, rubbed it on my exposed legs, ankles, arms and hands and went to digging trenches and planting more herb plants.

Let me tell you! Not ONE BITE all evening. All manner of insect stayed clear – mosquitoes, gnatty little winged-critters, crawly things – I had my own little bug-free aura going on. An additional benefit… my skin was so soft.

I used a simple recipe I found online. There are several out there but I had most of the ingredients on hand for the one I used. Follow the link for directions.


You can find essential oils all over the internet these days. I have several friends who sell them so if y’all want to post your links or contact info in the comments below go ahead.  I bought Beeswax pellets on eBay. Like I said, there are several easy to make bug repellant recipes online, both balm and spray varieties…check out a few.

I am going to make more of this and put in little 2 oz and 4 oz jars to keep everywhere and to give away to itchy friends.  I’d feel much better slathering this on children too.


Try it! You’ll like it!  Everyone will like it…except mosquitoes and their kin!

Buzzzzzzzzz off bugs!

Author: iamjanl

❤️ Artist, Writer, and other things

5 thoughts on “‘All You Can Eat’, That’s Me (For Real Y’all)”

  1. Jan – I need to get some for my grandson Jackson – he has adverse reactions to mosquitos and gets HUGE knots/bumps that take days to go away, needs Benadryl, etc. And I agree, I don’t like using spray with all manner of poisons in them. I wonder if this would work for him?


  2. You write sooo enjoyably Jan!! Can I buy a 2-oz from you before my 6/30 trip to a family reunion in Idaho? I don’t have Essential Oils… I understand if you’d rather not though. BTW, I don’t blame the bugs for finding you so attractive😉!

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